Marvel .. lous Holiday Fun – Ravensburger Review

Well its school holiday time again.  That means a few things. Children at home.  Lots of things they want to do costing loads of money.  Frustrated parents and children.  Boredom.  The latter being a huge concern during the school holidays.  Children want to be on the go, doing something all the time, constantly needing activities.   Well here is a Marvel … lous idea.  The super jigsaws from Ravensburger.  

Marvel Avengers Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles. 

Suitable for aged 5+, these perfect small jigsaws are each 49 pieces in size.  

Mixed pieces 

Rather than being in three separate bags, the Ravensburger jigsaw pieces are all mixed together adding to the enjoyment of sorting them into the three required puzzles. 

With larger than normal pieces, Ravensburger have created these puzzles for little fingers.  Easy to hold and piece together and sturdy enough for the extra pressure a child might give.

Additional Pictures 

Also included are pictures of the three puzzles contained in the box.  These are ideal to help to complete the puzzles.  Ravensburger have thought of everything 

Ravensburger have puts several of your child’s favourite Marvel Avengers characters into these jigsaws and each one is different. 

My favourite character is the Hulk closely followed by Captain America.  

I am sure you will agree, that Ravensburger have made something that will keep your child busy for part of their holiday.   You could suggest they do one a day but if like my grandchildren they will want all three done. So they will sit quietly and complete these.    An afternoon free for you 🙂 

Who is your favourite Marvel Avengers character?

Where to buy

If you would like to purchase these jigsaws for your child then you can purchase via the following link at the reasonable price of £5.99

I was sent this product to review and all opinions are 100% my own #ad
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