Make someones day

Make someones day

In this world of sadness and bad news, I decided that I would create my own bit of happiness.

I am currently clearing out a large room to turn into my craft / art studio come office.  In the room were loads of books many of which I have already read.

With all the sad news around, I thought that I would wrap each book with a little note on, and leave them on my garden wall.  The note says,  “Take me, read me, pass me on:)”

Several books went yesterday and I have put a load more out today with several more to follow.   If it takes me a week or so to get rid of them, I know that I have made someone smile.   Maybe even started someone reading again.

What have you done as an RAK (Random Act of Kindness)?   I love doing these and do them as part of stitching groups as well.

Hope you have a super day and someone does and RAK on you.

Smile, life is good


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