Lawrence Prestidge – Terror at the Sweet Shop

I am sure that a lot of you now reading this, at some point in your younger years, walked past the local sweet shop and looked in the window at the amazing items on the shelves.   White chocolate mice,  striped candies, sticky toffee bars.   I am also sure that you went in and purchased some of the same.

Reece, Oscar, Ishy and Emma are a group of school friends.  They have a local sweet shop that they frequent each day apart from Mondays, when it is closed.   Called McNulty’s Candy Kingdom iy is run by its namesake, Mr Mc Nulty.

Imagine their dismay, when one Tuesday they go to visit the shop and it is totally changed.   Mr McNulty has disappeared. To be replaced by the new owner Miss Primrose.   The happy atmosphere of the old shop has gone. The place is is now dark and gloomy.   Why?   What has happened to Mr McNulty?   Who is Miss Primrose?

Terror at the Sweet Shop is now on its second print, after selling over three thousand copies in its first year.   It is the second children’s book by Lawrence Prestidge and is brilliantly illustrated by G. Williams.

Suitable for 7 – 11 year olds, the story about the sabotage at the Sweet Shop with the actions and consequences of the 4 friends  and their antics to restore the shop to its former self,  made this, at times, a laugh out loud story to enjoy.   Once started, I was compelled to read on and find out more.

I loved reading this and know that my grandsons will enjoy it too.  This book really grasps your intererst and makes you want to read on.  It is an entralling book about good over evil, but extremely funny at moments, more serious at others,

Fantastic read, would highly recommend.

You can purchase this book at Amazon at a cost of £7.99   Terror at the Sweet Shop



* I was sent a copy of the story to review and all opinions are 100% my own.


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