Klearvol – essential oils for inhalation – Review

Klear‑vol provides essential oils for inhalation delivering soothing natural vapours for day or night. The Klear‑vol formulation releases soothing essential oils over many hours.
Klear‑vol contains soothing natural aromatic oils such as pine, thymol and menthol.
This product anticipates no side effect from inhaling as is made from soothing essential oils.    However, if you do get a side effect then contact your GP.    I used in hot water and inhaled.  It cleared my head quickly with the amazing smells that worked on my nasal area and cleared my breathing   It is advised not to use if you are asthmatic.


I would highly recommend this product.  It smells wonderful and works so well.  I loved the idea of using it in my hot water inhaler.  You could feel the aromas working around the areas it needed to.  It made my breathing so much easier.

For babies it is recommended that it is put onto bedding or something that they cannot get hold of.   Leave in a place where the aromas can fill the air and work as the baby or toddler sleeps.    Fantastic product.
You can purchase Klearvol  and find out more information about the same at the link below
I was sent a sample of this to review and all opinions are my own.
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