January 7th 2017

Well the first week of the New Year has already been done.

Heres hoping that your Year has started off well.  I am thoroughly enjoying my freedom from work. Our house is getting tidier by the day and being kept the same.  Yesterday I did the one thing I hate, (apart from a basket of shirts and rugby shirts to do today), THE IRONING.   My absolute pet hate.  Hence the three Himalayan baskets full Iwaded through yesterday.   No wonder my husband said he had no shirts or socks LOL

Being at home also means that I can cook proper meals rather than quick ones so we had my Home Made Steak Pie, one of my husbands favourites.    I love cooking again so watch this space for more recipes coming in the future.

Oh and today is National Bobblehead Day   Not something I had heard of so I googled and came up with this link if anyone ones to check out and see  .

Bobblehead Hall

Have a super Saturday and if you are not working, chill and relax.

The recipe for this pie is on the blog.   Enjoy

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