I’m planning an adventure. So what ………

…….. do I pack.

This morning, I picked a card out of my Mindfulness jar and it was about Posture.  This made me think about the adventure I have to plan so I decided to pack my bag with the items that I will need on the day.   Better to be prepared than not.


(This rustic jar contains one mindfulness activity every day.  They are oriented so that they are easy to carry out even on the busiest of days and allow you to perform the exercises anywhere and at any time.  Mindfulness is very much in focus at the moment and when practiced can give you greater mental clarity. helping you live your best life and allowing you to be you)


So back to my question. What shall I pack in my bag?

My purse ……….


(May not be needed but a definite must when I go out just in case!)

…. an essential – Deodrant …….

(I’m sure every woman has some of this in their bag at all times) 


……. my chilly bottle ………

(A must pack for every adventurer. Chilly’s luxury bottles will keep liquids cool for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours.  So if you are going for a wintery wander or a summer stroll, Chilly’s has you covered for all your beverage needs.) 

……… a journal to write your notes down so you don’t forget important facts ……

(An adventure notebook.  A little handbag reminder that adventure is always out there. So when you are next inspired or your next adventure strikes, this is the perfect place to note it down and make it happen.) 

…….. a healthy option –  fresh fruit ………

(A must for any adventurer. Full of essential vitamins and minerals.)

……. a unhealthy option – Chilli Chocolate …….

(I love Lindtt Chocolate and this is an intriguing new flavour that I am going to try.  It is a luxury chocolate delicately flavoured with chilli.  Brilliant for those days when you feel extra feisty or when you require a pit stop during your adventure.) 

………. voucher for my adventure ………

(Due to the fact that I am part chicken and do not like heights I opted for an adventure in Dancing.  I think I may take the Salsa challenge as I dont think the world is ready for me to try Belly Dancing!!)

……..  Another must have ……..   Lipstick ……

(This is the ultimate risque beauty look lipstick by YSL.  With its brilliant red colour it will inspire confidence in 40% of women so do not be afraid to give it a go. )

and finally – the essential ……   a pair of TENA Lady Pants Plus.

(These give complete protection and peace of mind. You can be sure of the ultimate reliable protection whilst you try your adventure.  They will go completely unnoticed under your clothes and will ensure you are focused on the matter ahead).

Just to point out that Bladder weakness is more common than many people think, with half of women in the UK experiencing it at some point in their lives.  As you get older so the issue gets worst and when you get to the age of 55 you also get to the stage where you would like to try different things in your lives and new adventures too.

This is why TENA have created the new Lady Pants plus so that you can continue with your hobbies without the worrying of having an Oooops moment.  All TENA products offer Triple protection from leaks, odour and moisture, helping you to stay really dry secure and confident no matter where your day takes you.

The pants are 100% tailored for women, are breathable, discreet and comfortable enough to wear in daily use.   This means there is no limit in what you can do.  They have a narrow waisband, neat leg cuffs and a soft peach finish. The pants also hug your curves in the right places so they fit perfectly for every adventure.

So that is my bag packed. I just need to book my adventure and take it with me.  Do you think there is anything I have forgotten………..?

Enjoy your day and be prepared for anything.



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