If you want to try something different …

If you want to try something different …
…  these these products from Opies, Barry Norman and Lindhams will fit the bill.
Do you make cocktails?  Opies have a fab range of products including cocktail cherries, Cocktail Gherkins, Cocktail Onions and Stem Ginger in syrup.  They will finish off your canapes and cocktails in an awesome way.

If you like pickled onions, then these Premium Pickled Onions by Barry Norman will hit the right note.  As the label says, they are crispy and have a warm spicy taste with a little kick at the end.  They are not overly hot and are pleasant to eat.  I loved mine with a cheese roll.


Do you want an alternative to use when baking?   The above are amazing to cook with.  The black cherries went really well with meringues and freshcream.   The Summer compote was used in a Fresh Cream sponge and the Stem Ginger will be used in Cookies and Gingercake.  (Recipes for the latter two to follow).


If ,like me, you enjoy Chilli King Prawns, this Lindhams chilli sauce will be perfect to add the taste required to the same.   Quite hot, you dont need a lot to get your desired taste.
All products are freely available and well worth purchasing.


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