If you love crackers and cheese you will …….

If you love crackers and cheese  you will …….

…love these

Im always eating cheese and crackers, but looking for different types of the same.

Whilst at a recent Blog On Event I met and spoke with a person who was representing Stag Bakeries.

The bakery based in the Outer Hebrides, has had generations of bakers who have created their unique products, which I have to say, having tasted, are amazing.   Each recipe is created using traditional methods.  They have been baking since 1885.

I was sent 4 products to tell you about and I love them all

Smoked Butter Stornoway Cocktail Oatcakes 

  Really buttery, beautiful taste and texture  ideal for canapes or with cheese.

Gourmet All Butter Cheese Straws
If you like cheese straws, you will love these.   These all butter cheese straws are lovingly hand-bakes on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.
They are made with Highland Smoked Dunlop, a carefully selected Scottish speciality cheese produced in the Highlands.  This is an organic, unpasteurised cheese which  is traditionally smoked over whisky barrel shavings for a delicate smoky taste.   The cheese is perfectly melted and makes the cheese straw an indulgent treat that is light, flaky and utterly delicious.  Believe me once you have opened the box you do not want to put them down.
Stornoway Water Biscuits with Seaweed 
From the modern bakery, Stag are proud of their small batch baked seaweed water biscuits.  They incorporate sea salt, and a blend of seaweeds which have been harvested from sea lochs around the Hebridean Coastline.
They are gorgeous and I ate mine with a little soft cheese.  They are also perfect to accompany a malt whisky, a gin or to eat on their own.

Stornoway Oatcakes with Seaweed 

These again are baked in small batches and incorporate seaweeds harvested from the local area and seasalts.

I liked these naked, as they are good on their own, but would be ideal with cheese, a malt whisky or a gin.

All of the products produced by Stag Bakeries can be found here

STAG BAKERIES        also listed are locations where you can purchase the same.

These savoury products are well worth a try.

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