I welcome myself back

It has been a while since i have been on my blog so I have decided to return to it. Lots has gone on since I was last here. My beautiful grandson is now 3, my daughter is 20 and number 2 is on the way in October.
My DH was made redundant last year, took a break and then found a job he loves.
Sadly this will be my last week working as I have received my redundancy notice. I am a little scared for the future but know that if I don’t find another job, we can cope on one wage as our mortgage was paid years ago. Just glad I collected all the sewing stash over the years. I have plenty to do and sell if necessary (Which wont happen).
Anyway I hope that you will join me in my jouirney along life’s path and the things that it throws at you as you travel along. Hugs x x x

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