I want to ‘Break Free’ – Review Ravensburger Game

My Grandson arrived shortly after my post had been delivered.  I started to open my parcels, as I was awaiting some items to review.  On seeing what was inside one parcel, his face lit up.  The hugest grin appeared on his face. “Nanny”, he said “I have put this on my Christmas Wish List.”  Ooops strike one Nanny.  However to see his face when he saw the game of Break Free by Ravensburger was priceless.


 Handcuffs with chains and a hinged lever (4)

 Covers (4)

Lock Picks (4)

12 Tokens – 4 Green 4 Red 4 Yellow

12 inserts – 4 green 4 Red 4 Yellow

The aim of the Game

Once we had read through the instructions and everyone was ready, it then became the aim to be the fastest person to unpick the lock on the handcuff.    Sounds easy  LOL if you have no co-ordination like me then you will take twice as long as other people.

Fortunately the inserts come in three colours.  Green Yellow and Red

Green is easy, Yellow is intermediate and Red is difficult.   We started on Green

The youngest Grandson was so eager to win.  He was the one who was really excited about Break Free.  At the age of 7 it proved to be a really good game for him.  I was, however, pleased to find out that there is an Emergency Release to the handcuffs so if you cannot solve them, you can get out.  I hasten to add this was not used although I was last to finish.

This game came in three rounds and at the end of the last round the counters were added up and the player with the most points was the winner.  This was my middle Grandson.



Break Free will be coming out again a lot and will definitely be played on Christmas Day.  I would recommend this game as it is a lot of fun.  It also teaches hand/eye co-ordination.

Another fantastic game from Ravensburger.

Retailling at £24.99 you can buy a copy of Break Free from this link at Amazon

Break Free


I was sent a copy of this game and all opinions are 100% my own. 


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