Heroclip – Use it anywhere

The Heroclip is made to use anywhere.   It is especially useful for using outdoors.  Ideal for camping or for long walks, when you will need somewhere to hang your wet clothes or even your packsack.  

I decided to see if I could do a blog with 10 uses around the home.  These are my uses and some may help or inspire those who hasve limited storage space too. 

Hanging space in the Hot Tub Cabin

Heroclip used as a Bathrobe Hanger

Rather than dropping your Bathrobe on the floor when you are in the hot tub, you can use your Heroclip as a hanger.  

Bucket or Garden Tool Holder

I have a bad back so cannot bend down too well.  Ideal to hang your bucket up higher so you can reach it.   I was de-heading a plant so was easy to pop into the bucket at this height.  

Motorcycle Helmet

There is never anywhere when you go out on your motorbike, to hang your helmet.  The Heroclip is light to carry in your pocket. Unfold and it will hang your helmet up, rather than place on the floor to be damaged if kicked.

Craft Scissors

When I am crafting, loosing scissors is a usual.  If you have them hanging on your Heroclip, on the table where you are working, you have less chance of misplacing them.  

Ironing Board

Due to having a Heating Boiler in the cupboard, I have no space to put my Ironing Board in.  Using the Heroclip, I am able to hang from the door and this clear the area by not having the Board there.  Ideal for a small flat as creates additional space. 


You go out for a meal and have to put your handbag on the floor.  Not only is that unsafe but a real nuisance.  I usually get my foot stuck in the handle.  The Heroclip will allow you to hang your bag from the table and out of the way.   This also shows that the clip will hold a substantial amount of weight.  My handbag has everything but the kitchen sink in it. 

Shopping Trolley

I have a trolley. It is always in the way and takes up a lot of space.  I can now hang this in the cupboard and out of the way.  

Wet Shoes

Well we do live in the UK, and wet shoes during certain months are the norm.  This shows an ideal way to dry your shoes 

Heavy Coat

This coat is heavier than most and the Heroclip dealt with hanging it up easily.   

and finally

Christmas Wreath

This just shows another example of how you can use your clip.  Obviously I will hang my wreath in a more suitable place, but this was just to show the idea. 

The Heroclip will hold weights up to 27kg (60lb). It folds up and down for easy carriage (will slip into your pocket) and can rotate 360 degrees.  It has a wide gate and also a rotating hook.   So so, useful for lots of things. 

You can find out more information about the Heroclip at the following link 

I was sent a Heroclip in order to fulfil this review.  The product I received was Green Machine and sells at a cost of £19.99.   There are several different types so I am sure you will find one that will suit your needs.  definitely a product I will recommend.  

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