Have you heard of ‘Squeezies’ ……

…..  a great new product made by Del Monte.  I was sent some to review and waited until my grandsons were staying to get their opinions about this new product from the well known brand.

They are healthy fruit pouches which can be squeezed.  The contents are made from 100% real fruit with no additonal sugar or artificial ingredients added.   The Del Monte® Squeezies are available in different flavours: apple and mango / apple and pear/ apple, banana, strawberry / apple, pear, banana, peach / apple, strawberry, blueberry.

These products are great for keeping your little ones healthy, happy and occupied. The caps double up as collectable Lego-like pieces that can be used to build toys and fuel their imagination. There is also an app – so the kids are sure to be entertained!

With durable packaging, and not having to be stored in the fridge they are great for travelling and make great ‘on the go’ healthy treats.

They can also be frozen in the warmer weather to make a healthy version of a slushy – versatile right?  The elder of my grandsons does not like fruit so said he would try this frozen.  We left in the freezer for a while and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  A good way of helping him with one of his 5 a day.

Energy 196kJ/46kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturates 0g
Carbs 10g
of which sugars 9,5g
Protein 0,3g
Salt 0,02g
Fiber 1,2g


The younger grandson had his as it comes and he also really enjoyed it.  He said it was really fruity and wanted another one when he had finished.


These are ideal to pop into your bag as a snack when on a journey, or as something in their lunch boxes.


Look out for these products in your local supermarkets.

For further information and products use this link



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