Have you ever wondered what it would feel like …….

……. to be able to run hundreds maybe thousands of pounds worth of gems and jewels through your hands and fingers.

It must be an astonishing feeling,  holding the intricate delicate gems, brooches and necklaces.

Ravensburger have created a jigsaw that comes close to this.   It is a new puzzle called
‘Glittering Gemstones’.   A 1000 piece tantalising, challenging but not impossible puzzle.

The photograph for this puzzle was taken by Greg Shepherd who is based in Devon.  The image captures all of the glamour, glitz and glitter of vintage costume jewellery.   He found it quite challenging to create this photograph as he says
“Bling was not his thing!”
However, when the gems and jewel,s arrived Greg knew exactly what to do with them and this gorgeous puzzle was created.



You can see from the two images above how delicate and sophisticated some of the gems and jewels are and this leads to a very challenging jigsaw puzzle.  However there are also some good features that you can pick out and locate to assist you in completing the jigsaw.
The puzzles are premium quality which have the soft click technology to its pieces. This is an elaborate process which has been developed based on decades of experience.  Specially formulated cardboard together with museum grade embossed paper reduces the glare while maintaining the colour brilliance of every image.
Ravensburger offer a variety of jigsaws in all levels of experience.
If you buy and enjoy the jigsaw above they also have a puzzle called Water Birds and another called Sedum Cottage.   Both of these contain 1000 pieces.
Or if you would like a fun filled comedy puzzle, that is designed to get you thinking, why not try a ‘What if!?’ puzzle
These reflect this simple fact and are designed to tease your brain and make you laugh.  The picture on the front of the jigsaw is not what the puzzle image is, so you need to imagine what might happen to the scene or characters depicted.  There are clues on the front of the box and also on the reverse side.
All in all Ravensburger would have a Jigsaw puzzle to suit your taste.
Happy Jigsaw making.  I love them.


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