Had a hard day. Come home to …..

… a relaxing Shoulder and Neck massage from Naipo.

There is nothing worst than a drive home when you end up sitting in the traffic especially after having one of those days at work.  Have you been sitting at your desk at a computer all day, or standing serving people and your shoulders and neck now hurt.

I have the perfect product for you.  Created by Naipo, a company who cares about your well being.

Naipo packs everything great about massage into affordable products that enable healthier lifestyles. In a modern world of fast living filled with stress, Naipo is committed to developing the best massage and relaxation products to deliver well-being and value to customers around the world.

I was sent the Naipo 3D Rotating Massager to review.   This gives a Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder massage which you can do with out without heat.


The product stood up to Naipo’s excellent Brand Name.  It has a good quality finish and produced well.  

It sits on your shoulder and one size fits all.  The product is well made and easy to use.   Full instructions are included in the box.   Provided is the leather cover, massage head, power switch, Handle and a DC connector. There is also a power connector and a Vehicular Cigar Lighter fixture for use when in cars.  My husband is going to borrow this as he is going to be driving a van soon on a long journey, so would be good to relax his neck and shoulders when he takes a break and in the evening when he relaxes.

The product is simple to use with easy buttons located on one of the shoulder straps.

You basically connect to your power source, press the power button and the massage begins.  The heating function is also activated. You can make the massage heads rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Here is a short video of the massager in action.  I have put onto my worktop so you can see how the massager will work on your back.

Fantastic massager and relaxes muscles well.  Totally chills you after a hard day.  Would make a perfect gift for someone who needs to relax when they come home.

You can find further information on Naipo here


The shoulder/neck massager is detailed here


The Shoulder neck massager can be purchased here

Naipo Shoulder Massager

And just for Christmas a special edition https://www.naipocare.com/product/USAPL153865

The latter appears to be available on Amazon.com.



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