Grandparents Day – 7th October 2018 – Review John Adams Games

There are 4 generations in our family.   My parents, ourselves (Hubby and I), our daughter and our two beautiful Grandsons.   It was always instilled into me that my grandparents were extremely special.  I had on my Dad’s side, My Little Nanna and Grandpa (Little Nanna was about 5ft tall if that) and on my Mum’s side was Big Nanna and Grandad.  Sadly, none of my grandparents are alive now but my parents love being Great Grandparents, and we love being Grandparents too.


When I was younger, Sunday afternoon was always Family time.   Whether it be out and about on sunny days or playing games.  However, homework had to be completed first.   Then if the weather was inclement we would play indoor games such as Rummikub or Othello.   Both of these are still family favourites.

Its Grandparents Day on Sunday.  I wonder if you will be bringing out the board games to play as a family.  Ours will be coming out.   This is John Adams’ new version of Othello.


I love the idea that there are no loose pieces.  I have to always make sure that when a game comes out, every piece is put back in so it is fully ready to play again.    My Dad loves to play this with my youngest Grandson who is so good at this. This has always been a family favourite.

Another family favourite, and one that used to come out on Sundays is Rummikub.   My eldest Grandson loves to play with with his Great Grandma.   John Adams have also bought a new version of this old favourite too.

This year our new game Triominoes will be coming out when the Grandsons come around.

I think it learns them a lot of skills when playing as a family.   Sharing, taking turns, respect for one another, social skills, fun and laughter, things that you cant do on your own.    It also learns then to tidy up when they put all the pieces away in the box and back into the cupboard when finished.

We will be celebrating Grandparents Day on Sunday 7th October and the games will out be out ready to play with our Grandsons.    We hope that you have a really special day too.

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