Fun on a hot day – Zuru Bunch O Balloons Review

So far this year, in the UK we have had the most amazing weather.  Sun, Sun and more Sun.   My Grandsons came at the weekend so I thought we would have some fun.   I had been sent Zuru Bunch O Balloons to review.   Beautiful weather, water, family fun, what could be better.

About Zuru Bunch O Balloons

Bunch O Balloons

So having watched this video I decided it was time for some fun.

Bunch O Balloons arrived neatly and safely boxed.

The pack contained 2 Zuru Bunch O Balloons Launcers, and 4 packs of the ballons (2 of each colour),

2 Ballo0n storage bags and a Quick Connect adaptor.

Also included are full instructions and a template showing how big to fill each balloon too.

Once I had unpacked the Bunch O Balloons and searched for the hosepipe, I connected it all up and took the option to fill the balloons in my sink.  I followed the instruction of having some water in the sink to rest the balloons in as they filled.   This was my first attempt at filling the balloons.  You may be quicker at releasing the balloons.  I will be next time when I fill them.  I was amazed at how they sealed themselves.  So easy to fill.  I did have a couple of balloons that needed the band moving to seal them but out of the amount I filled at once this was a minimal thing to do.

So it was off to play.   The four of us had a lot of fun and got thoroughly soaked.  The launchers really did send the water balloons a long way.  They travelled really quickly and landed with some force.  We played and luahed for a good while.  Once we were all thoroughly soaked, we collected the remnants of the balloons once we had finished and placed into the recycle bin.

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