FReNeTiC – a game with a Scientific Twist – Review

Many years ago, I had to choose my options at school.  Happily I made my choices until it came to Science.    Physics was out as I am not into formulas, ratios etc.  Biology was out as some of the experiments we were told we would do were out of my comfort zone.  This left me with Chemistry.  I was so pleased to be asked to review a new game called Frenetic which was something that was well within my realm of scientific knowledge to review.

Going back to my schools days, I used to race to my chemistry lessons, held in the newly built science laboratories.  I would sit eagerly awaiting what we would be doing that day.  I would do detailed drawings of the experiments and yes I was a neat freak.  The one thing that daunted me was learning the symbols of the elements we would be using.  These were on the periodic table.  Ba – Barium, Rh – Rhodium, Lu – Lutetium.

Frenetic is a fast and furious new word game with a scientific twist.  It uses the element symbols of the Periodic Table.

Not only is this a fantastic way of learning symbols on the Periodic Table it is a fun and fast way to learn words and spelling too.   Players race against the clock to form as many words as possible using the symbol tiles.   Players score points equivalent to the atomic numbers of the tiles used.

The tiles are placed on the relevant spaces on the board.    With the tiles I had chosen I made Silver which gave me a score of 314.  The winner is the first one to reach 1000 points.

My two grandsons enjoyed playing this with us.  One is 10 and the other 6.  Although it does say from aged 8 upwards, the youngest Grandson was able to manage words he knew and score well.  It helped with his phonetic learning too as words are split down.   Amazingly there are more than 10,000 words that can be created using combinations of the symbols.

Highest and Lowest Scores of Individual Words

You can try and better the highest word score of 834 or the lowest score of 9.  I will not tell you what these are as that will ruin your fun.

This game, which I am sure will become a family favourite, combines skill, strategy and an element of luck.

As a family, we loved playing this game.   Frenetic retails at a price of £22.99 and well worth buying.

I was sent a copy of this game to review and all opinions are 100% my own.


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23 thoughts on “FReNeTiC – a game with a Scientific Twist – Review”

  • Yes! I agree as it helps to get children away from their technology and encourages socialisation and bonding within the family!

  • Me too, we play an awful lot of games! Good family social activity, learning to be a winner/loser, usually hubby struggles with this 🙂

  • I do agree. Playing games teaches a lot of social and other skills. Understanding how to win and lose graciously are important life skills but games also teach strategy, teamwork, give and take etc. It is also important to learn empathy through watching the emotions of others as they play games. If you can feel for the person that has bad luck and not just take pleasure in your own good luck, you’ll go far in life!

  • Oh definitely!

    It helps keep families together in a time where people are connected to the Internet most of the day every day via their phones. A family game night is essential to unplug yourself from the net and reconnect to your family

  • Definitely as they are important as they give you time just to enjoy each others company and have general not forced conversations.

  • It is good for the family to get together. While playing the game it is easy to talk and cover a wide variety of themes

  • We always have a family day or at least an evening on Sundays and my sister and her family come over too to play games 💛

  • I think are brilliant, spending time together as a family is important and playing games can be educational & fun

  • I keep a well-stocked ‘Nan’s games cupboard’ which has evolved as my grandchildren have grown. We have always played games with them from when they were toddlers. So important for getting quality time with them as well as developing social skills. I was brought up to win on merit and have treated my grandchildren the same way. Now the older ones get real enjoyment from saying ‘I win Nan’ as do I knowing they have really earned it!

  • Yes, I think it’s important for families to spend time together and kids to not be glued to computer games/TV too much. It’s really good for the brain playing a board game.

  • Yes, nowadays more than ever it is so important to spend time as a family and talk, laugh and make memories!

  • We often have nights playing board games and cards. It is even my teenage daughters idea sometime. Its nice to put the screens away for a little while and laugh, play and chat.

  • We actually go as adults to a gaming night thats run by rules of play – it gives us wind down time and the chance to find and try out new games. We also play board games at home with my niece and nephew, as well as being fun and breeding healthy competition it also helps develop all sorts of useful skills such a logical thinking, forward planning and numeracy to name a few

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