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If, like me, you love a bag of crisps, and are getting bored with the same old flavours, then these new crisps from Savoursmiths will be just up your street.

They come in four amazing flavours ;- Chapmers and Serrano Chilli, Truffle and Rosemary, Wagyu Beef and Honey Mustard  and finally Parmesan and Port.

So say goodbye to the old flavours and introduce  your tastebuds to some new horizons.



The Big Cheese – Parmesan and Port –  Some folks call Parmesan ‘The King of Cheese’. Savoursmiths say that this  ‘ballsy bracing of Parmesan & Port will give your tastebuds some big, cheesy flavours to fathom.’


Iastier than the Cat’s Miaow – Champers and Serrano Chilli –  Cool Cats love to live on the edge so Savoursmiths have turned up the heat with this flavour, adding a scream of Serrano Chilli to the fizz of Bubbly with a pinch of sea salt.   The bees-knees have nothing on these.

What’s the beef? – Wagyu Beef and Honey Mustard – If you think that Savoursmiths have got the beef then you will be spot on. They have rounded up the mouth watering flavours of well marbled Wagyu Beef and introduced the sweet notes of Honey Mustard.  So their beef is quite special.

Fiendishly Fruity Flavours – Truffle and Rosemary – Savoursmith delight in the deliciousness of Truffles – rare underground funghi known to be on of the world’s finest aphrodisiacs. This flirty coupling of Black Italian Summer Truffle and Rosemary will arouse your taste buds and leave you pining for more.

Savoursmiths is a UK company based in Cambridgeshire.   The crisps are cut from their own home-grown British potatoes which allows them to create audacious eccentric English snacks with flamboyant flavours.    The company are huge believers in the humble potato as the family has been farming them since 1938.  Savoursmiths knows their Roosters from the Russets.  From a modest beginning a stylish snack has grown.   Their creation is a luxurious crisp to truely savour.  I was sent a packet of each to review

The packaging itself is eye catching and will draw you in when you check out the crisp aisle.  The product is outstanding with hand cooked crispy potato crisps with fantastic flavours which pop in your mouth. They definitely exhilarate the tastebuds and leave you wanting more.


These traditional snacks are produced using high quality ingredients and are hand cooked in small batches, making sure that things are done properly.   The product is Gluten and MSG free and only natural flavourings are used.  The potato crisps are cooked with the skins on to keep more nutrients.  The Savoursmiths farm also believes in sustainable agriculture.

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