Fletter by Binca UK – Alternative Easter Gift

At this time of the year I always look out for alternative gifts for Easter.  Children have so many eggs from friends and family, that as a grandparent, I try to give something different.  This year is the same and I have been reviewing some suitable gifts.  This is another ideal gift – Fletter.   It is fun, educational, helps you learn, exciting, quick moving and a great family game.  You also need to be prepared to shout!

Presented in a great box for storage, Fletter contains 110 cards and a rule sheet.

How to play Fletter

To play the game, once the cards have been shuffled, they are dealt out to the players.  2 – 4 people can play.  The aim of the game is to shout out words from the letters placed on the table before your opponents. The words you claim give you points.

We played Fletter in 4 rounds as the instructions said, starting with 3 letter words and working up to 6 letter words.  You need to think fast and get in quick with your answers.   At the end of the last round, the winner is the one with the most points.  In our case, my 10 years old grandson.

The cards are made well and of high quality.   Although simple this game is fun.  I also played a simpler game with our other Grandson who is 6 and he was good too.  A great educational and learning tool.

However, you do need to take care and not say the wrong word or you will get flettered!!

We, as a family, enjoyed playing this game and would recommend to others too.

Fletter is available from Amazon at a Cost of £7.99.  You can order via the following link





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