Fathers Day Guide – Part 3 – Last minute items

Fathers Day is looming. Its this weekend.  So if you have not bought anything yet, these are my final two gifts.  They may be ideal for your Dad.  I know my Dad would love the first gift and my husband would be thrilled with the second one.

Does your Dad like gardening?

My Dad is an avid Gardener.  Since the death of my brother two years ago, he faithfully grows sunflowers and plants very similar.  Just before my brother passed away, he had been growing a lot of plants to sell. This was to enable my niece to raise funds to go on a trip with the venture scouts.

Dad would really love this new plant that has been produced.


With the extraordinary name of Helianhus Sunsation Flame, this is a bicolour variant that is also part of the Sunsation series.    This set of plants is relatively unknown in Western Europe.  It is extremely popular in South America.   Flame, is pollen free.  The flower has regular markings and the leaves are deep green in colour.   Unlike a sunflower, it is compact in its growth and has a short cultivation period.

Sunsation seeds can be found in many major UK retailers including B&Q, Asda, Ikea, Sainsburys and Waitrose.  They retail at a price of £2.99 so an ideal inexpensive gift for a child to give to their Dad or Granddad.

I was sent a packet of seeds to review so will let you know how they come out, or rather my Dad will 🙂

What about a motorcycle mad Dad?

If your Dad lives life on two wheels, but wants to stay in touch with the outside world when he’s exploring the tarmac, then this is the perfect gift! Especially for Fathers Day.

Ultimateaddons make waterproof phone cases that mount directly onto motorbikes.

 These would be perfect for the cool Dad in your life!

They mount directly to the forks or handlebars.  This allows riders to listen to music, make calls and follow maps whilst out on the road!

These items are available to be purchased via the following link


Products retail at different prices depending on the model you require.

I did not receive a copy of this item to review so cannot comment in its durability or usefulness, but it does look like it will do what it says on the packet.

I am sure that if you buy this for your Dad for his motorbike, he would be chuffed.

Wishing all Dads out there a brilliant day on Sunday.  Happy Fathers Day.


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