Fantastic read – No Rest for the Wicked – Dane Cobain

Imagine an Angel.  Caring, good, honest.  A supernatural being who acts as an intermediary.  A being who protects and guides Humans whilst carrying out the tasks given out by God.

Now pick up and read No Rest for the Wicked by Dane Cobain.  Your opinion may change.

“They grew out the darkness, mysterious shapes hiding in plain sight in abstract mockery of the senses.

In the living room of a dingy flat in Hammersmith, tall and proud and shimmering in the air like a mirage, they stood;  the only other light was a flickering television set that broadcast white noise to the sleeping occupant of the sofa. 


Their shared voice echoed around the room like an organ in a cathedral, as powerful as independent thought.  None of them moved – they just quaked with anticipation. The heap of dirty clothes on the sofa began to move and an ashen face emerged.  He looked around the room in a sleepy daze. A matted beard framed his sunken eye – grey on grey. He smelled like a pub before the smoking ban – an unpleasant cologne of nicotine and whiskey.  When he , saw that he wasn’t alone, he climbed unsteadily to his feet. 

 “Who are you?” he asked, shading his eyes to look at them. “What are you doing in my house?” With every passing second, his eyes adjusted and grew wider. 

(Excerpt from Chapter, page 1)

Based around Father Montgomery, an elderly priest who has a hidden past. who when his parishioners start to come under attack, begins to investigate the reasons why.

With the assistance of Jones, a businessman who has an estranged child, Montgomery starts to track down the Angels and their origin.

What happens to Jimmy Newcombe?

Does Montgomery find out about the origins of the Angels? What is his hidden secret?

This book is not my usual type of read, but I was sent this by Dane to review.    Once I started to read, it was definitely one to not put down.

Short novella of 124 pages, was an interesting book and I would thoroughly recommend.


Dane Cobain is a writer, poet and musician from a place you’ve probably never heard of somewhere in England.  When he is not writing, Dane is reading and reviewing on his book blog.

You can also find Dane on Facebook – DaneCobainMusic or on Twitter @DaneCobain.

No Rest for the Wicked can be purchased in hardback from Amazon  £9.55 for a paperback or £2.04 for a kindle version

No Rest for the Wicked



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