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I was sent, from Brainstorm Toys, a game to review.   Igloo Mania. I kept the same until my grandsons came for the day so that they could play and give their review on the same. K is 9 and his brother J is 5.

The packaging makes the game look really interesting and exciting for children and adults to play.

It is a game for 2 – 4 players.  From aged 5 upwards.

The rear of the box gives a brief summary of the story behind the game.  Parka Pete the Eskimo has put the final brick into his igloo.  But the penguins want to pull it down.  You are the penguins. You need to try and pull the blocks out without Parka Pete noticing.  You have to be really steady so that the igloo does not collapse.

On opening the box the boys found bags of lots of different items and different sized pieces.


Full intructions were given as to the initial set up of the pieces for the game.

Adult support may be needed to label the pieces with their correct numbers (number is also found inside the piece) and also to put the stickers onto Parka Pete and the Penguin picks.

The first time K made the igloo he did not get it quite right and it fell to pieces really easy.  It is important that you ensure that the Number one blocks are 100% in place.

You have a base support which you build the igloo up on starting from blocks numbered 1 upto  6.


You then need to carefully remove the base support.   Your game is now ready to play.   This is K and J playing the game.


The boys both enjoyed this game and played several times.   The more they played the more strategies they put in place to win.   It was interesting to see them trying to decide which block was the safest to take.  J said he would like to play this game again when he comes to Nanna’s next time. K said he loved making up the igloo and being careful, taking out the base.  He also helped to put on the brick sticker numbers.


Igloo Mania is made by Brainstorm Toys and retails at £19.99




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