Fab Ideas for Christmas from Canal Toys

Fab Ideas for Christmas from Canal Toys

I love buying gifts at Christmas, especially for children, where they can play and have fun. These three products from Canal Toys are just the ticket.

Style 4 Ever – Cryst Gel Jewelry Studio

Your child will love making their own jewelry with this fab product

The product contains 2 moulds, 1 tool, 10 pegs, Thread, rings, sachets of decorations and 6 bags of Gel.

To product the items is a simple process. You insert the gel into the gel gun provided, squeeze out into the moulds provided, decorate and leave to dry.

This makes 20 plus jewels and requires no heat. It also makes no mess – bonus for parents!

Cryst-a-Gel Jewellery Studio by Canal Toys, is the new creative solution for any budding fashionista who loves to accessorise in style. This deluxe Style 4 Ever Studio uses a unique flexible material that lets you make your own pendants, bracelets, rings & charms with the amazing Cryst-a-Gel moulds.

Allos you to create your own innovative jewellery that matches your personal style and design. The fantastic material has been designed for the Studio and lets you create bespoke designs, simply add your own colour andw glitter. Everything you need is in the box with easy to follow instructions you will be designing your charming collection in no time.

Moreover, once you’ve completed your first Jewellery collection the fun continues with the Cryst-a-Gel Refill kits, which work brilliantly as party bag alternatives and top ups for your luxury Cryst-a-Gel Studio. Perfect for budding designers aged 8+.

So Magic Wonder Magic Garden – Canal Toys

This allows you to make your own universe, with a Zen Sand Garden. You can watch your own tree grow and there is the ingredients to allow you to make two trees. There are 4 tools included in the box. With a slime oasis and figurines, let your child’s imagination come to life

One of the beautiful crystal trees you can watch grow

So you make your own So Magic DIY Wonder Garden and watch it transform throughout the day. Simply mix the Magic Powder with water, plant your Magic tree, add sand stones and decorations and wait as your magic tree blooms into a colourful display. Add the finishing touches to your lake with cute stones, decorations and figures Sprinkle coloured sand and draw patterns using the tools then protect it with the special case. Collect all the themes and show off your unique creations with the help of Canal Toys products. Age 6+

So Bomb Bath Bomb Factory

This is a fab creative gift to give any child. Who would not want to make their Mum or Nan a bath bomb.

With enough products to create 6 bath bombs, with fragrances and decorations.

Everything you need is in the box and you will be astounded by your gorgeous creations. Design your own bath bomb in three easy steps; mix the ingredients, pour in your chosen coloured powder, confetti and cute surprise, put it in the mould and let it set. Make six bath bombs with this incredible So Bomb DIY Factory, treat yourself or give them to friends and family as gifts it’s up to you!

Where can you buy these Products?

Available for Purchase from a RRP of £19.99. I have seen it in Smyths Toy stores and it is can also be purchased on Ebay and Amazon.

I was sent these products to review and have had lots of fun trying out the same. I love the fact that, apart from a little water for the Wonder Magic garden, everything is contained in the box for your children to start straight away. No batteries needed (LOL) that you seem to need loads of on Christmas Day. Beautiful items can be created and each one will be individual to your child’s choice of colours, smells, decor. Amazing products and a great gift #ad

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