Everybody’s blowing bubbles ….

I cant believe how cold the weather has recently become.  The kids have been playing out in the snow making snowmen and have a great deal of fun.   Then they come into the house, cold, wet and needing to warm up.  What better way than to go from having fun in the snow, to having fun in the bath, with lots of bubbles from Good Bubble.

Good Bubble have produced a range of products that are Free from and cause no tears.  There is Bish Bash Bosh Hair and Body Wash (fab name!), Clean as a Bean shampoo and Smoothy softy Conditioner.   Each product smells of Cloudberry which is absolutely amazing.

Each bottle contains an allergen free fragrance.  They are also free from sulfates, parabens, PEG and Phthalates.  There are no artificial colours and have been dermatalogically tested.   What better way to bathe your child with the no tears formulation.

If you like this product you may also like the following which would be really good as a stocking filler.      The Bath Time with Dexter Gift Set is adorable.  It comes with a bottle of Super Bubbly Bubble Bath and a bath mitt of Dexter Dragon to make bathtime more fun.

This product is award winning, again with its free-from formulation with the amazing fragrance of Dragon Fruit extract.  This helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture.  The fragrance is mild and allergen free.

My grandson gets quite bad eczema so it is lovely to find a suitable product that is Free From and allergen free.  He will have hours of fun in a real bubbly bath.

These products are available from Sainsburys at this link    Good Bubble products at Sainsburys

The Shampoo and Conditioner sell at £3.50 for 250ml.  The Bubble Bath is £4.00 for 400g.    The Good Bubble Gift Set is available for the Christmas season.   This is available here at a cost of £8.00 Bath time with Dexter Gift Set.

Further products from Good Bubble can be seen here  Good Bubble


I was sent these products to review and all opinions are 100% my own. 

2 thoughts on “Everybody’s blowing bubbles ….”

    • My grandson is going to use it as he has really bad eczema. Its a shame when he is in the bath as he loves bubbles so he will be able to have lots of fun. 🙂 Amazing what products they are now bringing out

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