Epoch – Aquabeads Beginners Studio Review

My youngest Grandson J was coming for the weekend so I decided to leave the review for this product until he was here.

It looked interesting and as a crafty person, I was pleased that it was something that he could try independently.

The outside packaging is colourful and as J is only 5 it does state that the designs can be made and ready to peel in 10 minutes.  This studio can be used by children aged 4+.

The rear of the box shows all contents and the colours of beads available inside.  Everything is included for you to make the designs on the box apart from some water, which you put into the spray bottle.

J needed a little help in emptying the beads into the container but other than that he was fine .

J decided that he would like to make the cat for his Mum so after placing the design template under his palette, he set about putting the beads in the relevant place.  J found the tweezers a little awkward to begin with but soon got the knack of using the same.

Once J had completed his design, he lightly sprayed the cat with water as instructed, ensuring it was totally covered but not too wet.  J then went off to watch a cartoon whilst it dried, excitedly asking if it was ready yet on several occassions.  10 minutes was just enough time for him to wait.

After the required time has passed,  we checked and the design was dry. Using the bead peeler which was provided, J gently lifted his cat off the design area.   He was really pleased with the result which is shown below.

J went on to make a couple of other designs from this kit. There is enough beads to make one of each image.  He said it was really fun and loved sitting making these.  It was lovely to see a 5 year old crafting and being independent in doing the same.

The Aquabeads Beginners Studio is sold at a recommended price of £ 15.00 and can be purchased from Tesco Direct.  Refill packs for the beads are also available to be purchased

Well worth buying this item as the creations that youngsters can make are lovely.

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