Enjoy the Summer

Enjoy the Summer

Over the weekend it has been more than hot.  Ive sat in my garden and heard children laughing, splashing in paddling pools, and the summery smell of barbecues.

The beautiful weather also brings a lot of days out and outside holidays.

The one thing you cannot always have to hand is water.  Especially for cleaning hands or surfaces.  So if ……

….you are attending a festival …..

….. camping  ……

….. or just going out for a family picnic,  Milton have produced two products that would be ideal to help with clean hands and hygiene whilst you are out.

Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel comes in a handy 100ml size.  Ideal for backpacks, in your hand bag or in picnic baskets.   No towels are needed.  A small drop into the palm of your hand, rub hands together, and your hand are left feeling fresh. They are also then free from bacteria and viruses as Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel kills the same.   It smells really nice too.

Another handy product is Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes.   Again in a small pouch which is ideal for bags and light to carry.  This product can be used to wipe down surfaces both before and after use,  They are ideal for when you are on the go and are rinse free.   These are also handy to keep at home as a quick wipe down of all surfaces.   The wipes are effective on Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses.

I love these products and will be keeping some of the same in both my handbag and car.

Enjoy the Summer and have fun.

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