Diabetes and Me – an update

Since I wrote my emotional post about how I became a Diabetic and my life since, things have changed for the better.

I was told when I was the age of 6 that I had something called Brittle Diabetes and it would be hard to control.  Over the years this has been the case with my levels ping ponging all over the place.

During my last check up at the Doctors with the Diabetic Nurse, she suggested that now that I was not in full time employment anymore, it was time to change my insulin regime.

To say I was apprehensive was an understatement.   I was to take insulin each time I ate and the correct amount to cover the food I was having, plus a long lasting injection at night.    Moving from just two injections to four a day was scary.   I was to start that night.   A prescription for my insulin was sent to my local chemist to be picked up later that day.

I was scared.  It was a WTF moment.  Change in insulins and regime was not part of my schedule for this year.  I was also feeling extremely hypo and was unsure I was taking everything in.  However I agreed.

That afternoon I went to the chemist and my insulin was not in.  I could not start that day.  However, it was the thinking time I needed. There were questions that I needed to ask.   Having been diagnosed 46 years ago a lot has changed so I needed to know …..

  • what foods I could eat and how much
  • what I needed to do if my sugars went low
  • what I needed to do is my sugars went high

There were also a couple more questions that I needed answering and I rang the surgery the next morning.  All questions were answered and my nurse, very kindly, said I could borrow one of her personal books that would help me.

My daughter and I collected the book later that day and to say this is now my bible is an understatement.   The book is called Carbs and Cals and it was and is amazing.

So I started on the following day.  I only had to do food insulin for 24 hours and then the next day to do food insulin and the evening one too.   My sugars initially were a little high but not as high as I thought they were going to be.

I got through the first day and then the following day I had to do 40 units of insulin in the evening.    This proved to be too much and I had a hypo during the night so had to get up and eat.   I ate more before bed the next night and it was okay.

However since I do not like to eat loads before bedtime I spoke again to the nurse and reduced my evening to 36 units within a week.

Where am I as of today?  Well I am coping with regular blood checks, I am still not quite balanced but actually more so unbalanced on the low side rather than the high results I was getting.   My evening insulin has gone down to 30 units and that is working well and I am getting used to how much I can eat and how much insulin is needed for the same.        I am still reminding myself of the new routine and have reminders about things.   I am keeping a detailed diary of foods eaten and insulin taken so that I have evidence to show the Diabetes specialist when I go in January. I have reduced my overall daily insulin by over 35 units.

Am I glad I made the change?  Healthwise I have lost quite a bit of weight as I no longer have to binge eat to keep sugars up due to too much insulin.  I do not crave sweet things but never have. The savoury things I love are all within my free eating foods so although I monitor how much I eat, I dont need to inject insulin to eat them – cheese. LOL


I am hoping that my next blood tests results will show how hard I have worked on this regime.  I, personally feel a lot better in myself and wish I had made a change earlier.  But sometimes in life others make decisions for you.

The only annoying factor is that the Diabetic Nurse who started me on this new regime, went off long term sick two weeks into the same, and I was left to sink or swim.  I am hoping she will be pleased that I am trying hard and the results will happen in the long term.  I have been checked by another nurse and she seemed pleased with the books and records I took in.

So I suppose what I am saying is that you should not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  Go for it.  Everything is worth a try.  You never know, you may like it.

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