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I have a lot of loves in my life.  My family (Husband, Daughter, Parents and relatives) .  Our Grandsons.  Blogging.  Hedgehogs.  I love crafts the main one of which is Cross Stitch.  In fact you could say I am a Cross Stitch Fanatic.  I am also an enabler, passing on my love of this hobby and also my insights into projects that I think other will love.  This will be a review on a kit from Merejka.  This kit combines two of my loves. Hedgehogs and Cross Stitch.

Taught by my Grandma, many years ago, I have become extremely experienced in Cross Stitch, and now run a really successful Cross Stitch Group on Facebook called Cross Stitch Friends in the UK.  I will not apologise for enabling them often with new ideas, kits, companies.  Writing this review will give an insight into what you receive in a kit from Merejka.

Merejka art. k-36 Strawberries

Many people will buy a kit, now knowing what to expect. So this will show you exactly what you get for your money with Merejka.   The photo on the front of the kit show how detailed your design will be when completed.   It comes neatly packaged in a plastic sleeve.

On opening contained inside are the following :-

A detailed chart with one side showing the cross stitch design.  When turned over the back stitch requirements are shown.  This makes using the chart so much easier as stitch symbols are not hidden by the back stitch lines.   Also enclosed is an ample sized piece of fabric to stitch your design on.

Merejka have used the spaces where there is no chart to advertise other kits that are available.  I think this is a fab idea as you can think about and plan for your next project 🙂

Beautifully coloured mouline threads are included with the relevant colours for your design.  Many people do not like having to sort the colours which are sometimes included in kits.  Merejka have already wound the colours onto clearly numbered thread holders.  This will aid in keeping your threads tangle free.  The mouline is 6 strands and needs to be cut and split into the required length and number of strands you need to stitch with.  The symbols used on the chart are clearly indicated along with the colour number that matches that symbol.

All in all a company I would recommend.  The kit is excellent quality, clear instructions and chart (A3 size). neatly wound threads and brilliant value for money.

If you would like to see further kits and charts by Merejka, please click on the following link

Merejka Cross Stitch Patterns and Charts

Although based in Europe, postage is extremely quick.

This project I am looking forward to stitching, my new hedgehog friend. Highly recommending this company in the   hope that you will buy and enjoy stitching Mereka kits as much as I will be.

I was sent this kit for the purpose of this review. 

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  • The pre sorted thread make a huge difference IMO. Have sorted some kits out my self in the past and it can be difficult especially as you get older and cannot see the difference in shades of the same colour. Looks a lovely kit

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