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I was contacted and asked if I would like to participate in the Launch of Mitre’s new Football Series – Star Wars.

Mitre is one of the world’s original football brands and is now bringing to its fans, a unique collection of Star Wars balls, inspired by the world’s most iconic pop culture phenomenon.

Nearly ever child, as they are growing up, has a love of football as well as one of their favourite movies being Star Wars.

For Christmas 2017, Mitre has united with Star Wars and created a series of footballs that will excite fans of all ages.

These balls are available in Match Ball, Scriball and a Pop-Up Goal.    The balls are perfect for fans of all skill levels whether you are on the dark or light side.

I was sent the Scriball to review.   The ball arrived in a neatly presented box.


On opening, inside you could see the ball and the pens suitable for colouring in the same.  There is even a pump included so you can blow the ball up.  This is excellent as on Christmas Day you do not want to be searching around for a pump.

This is the contents of the box, with a good selection of colours to use on the ball.

I took the ball and  pulled out the two sides to make pumping it up easier.

The pump’s needle, that inserts into the ball, is located on the top just under the plunger.  (Yes it took me a while to find this which is why I am pointing it out)

After blowing up the ball, it looked like this.

This is a closer view of the characters that are on the ball to colour in.

The Scriball is fast becoming the must-have Christmas gift.     It is back and this time the scribblers can get busy choosing either the dark side or the light side, as they colour in their ball, to make it customised and unique.

This would be ideal as a gift for both football and Star Wars fans, children and adults alike.

I will have one extremely happy Grandson. He is both football and Star Wars mad.  This will be a stocking filler for him and cannot wait to see his face.

Be certain to make your child’s Christmas with a Scriball or a Mitre Product.

Scriball RRP from £12.00

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