Christmas must have for a Crafter – Eyejusters

I love crafting and like a lot of people, doing really close up work, I need additional assistance to see clearly.  It is not always applicable or convenient to use a magnifier.  I was introduced to an amazing product – Eyejusters.  These are Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses.

They are practical, stylish and modern.   If you need more than one pair of glasses for reading these are ideal as you can turn the dials to change the lens power.  Fantastic.

They make a great gift because, as they are adjustable, you don’t need to know the wearer’s prescription.

Simple solution with very clever tech behind it. The lenses slide when you dial in. Also great for people who have two different eye strengths – most of us.

The above photo shows the dials for altering the focus.  They do not get in  the way when you are wearing the glasses and are a really comfortable fit.

These are ideal to pop into your handbag or in your craft bag if you are out for the day.  They arrive in a super hard case to keep your glasses safe in

British invented and manufactured adjustable reading glasses – turn the dials to focus in. Perfect for people like me who need to see the small stuff.

The pair being shown is from the new Oxford Range and retails at a price of £49.00

About Eyejusters

Eyejusters contain SlideLens technology . This is a pair of adjustable focus lenses which their strength to be altered.  This is done with a small, hidden dial. Using two independent lenses, sealed against moisture and dirt, which slide across each other. This enables the glasses to adjust the full field of vision, not just a small area of the lens. This restores the natural ability of the eye to change focus. Rather than carrying multiple pairs of glasses of varying lenses
users only need a single pair. Ready readers offer a limited solution for near vision.  They need to be replaced more often as vision needs change over time.
Eyejusters invented SlideLens. After five years of intensive research into eye-wear technology which meant that each lens can be individually focused,   The wearer does this  through a small adjustable dial in each side of the frame. They allow wearers to always have the right glasses on, No matter what you are doing and abil you have the ability to adjust them as their eyesight worsens. Wearing glasses with the wrong lens can cause short-term issues.  You can get headaches, eye strain, squinting, tired eyes, blurred vision, dizziness or a lack of balance.
You can purchase a pair of Eyejusters glasses via this link    Eyejusters
I was sent a pair of Eyejusters to review for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

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