Christmas Eve disasters ……

.. Got up this morning all ready to sort the last few things for tomorrows big day.

I needed to make a gingerbread house.   Cooked it fine but when putting together disaster.   It crumbled and fell to pieces ??!!

The disaster number 2.  We had to put together our grandsons Christmas present.  It was a new mountain bike.  On opening the box and taking it out to put together it was found that the gears had pushed the spoke out of the wheel 🙁 so was un-useable.  Angry is an understatement.   However Tescos were really good on the phone and are providing a replacement to my home on Saturday.   An IOU from Santa’s Elves is under the tree with an apology from them (thanks Hannah ).

Lets hope the rest of the day goes okay.

Cant get any worst

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