A Day Out …… Brio World Review

It was a beautiful sunny day in the town of Brio.  The Rescue Firefighting Team had had a really busy week.  Now that they were off duty, as a Team has decided they needed a day out to chill. 

Push the button on the fire engine toy of your rescue firefighting train and release the wagon for quick emergency help. Drive close to the fire, disconnect the water tank wagon and use the extendable fire hose. RRP £19.95

After making sure the water tank was full and the hose pipes all wound back up, the Team put the equipment away.   They headed to the Train Station.  Tommy, Tim and Ken deserved a day at the seaside. 

Where do the trains take a nap? In the BRIO train garage for railway of course. A perfect resting or maintenance place for all BRIO trains. Turn the knob on the top to open the garage door. Open up the door and this garage can also be used as a tunnel instead. RRP £19.99


Following a gentle walk the crew arrived at the Train Garage where their train was waiting.  A quick ‘Hello’to Greg and they boarded the train and were on their way.   

All aboard! A perfect travel train, for any BRIO train track, with front, middle and rear wagons as well as a passenger and driver included. The red line train is ready to take passengers to their destinations. RRP £16.99


Once the train had arrived at the seaside, the passengers all got out and Greg the Driver did too.  He went to the seaside too and enjoyed his afternoon off.  

Because Tommy, Tim and Ken all enjoyed their day, the Crew decided they would go out again.   The next adventure is to come, but I will leave for you and your children to make this. 

Brio World 

The products from Brio World are fabulous and will allow your child to use their imagination to create their own stories. Since 1884 Brio have been helping young minds to have fun and be creative.  

I hope you have as much fun with your Brio Products as my grandchildren have with these.

You can find more Brio World products via the following link :- 

For this review I was sent the above products and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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