Baffled with Competition

Baffled.  You could well be.    My grandson and I decided, on his snow day off school, to play this game.   As a 52 year old Nan of a 10 year old Grandson, I thought I would be okay.   This game proved that my short term memory is not as good as my Grandson’s.   You really do need the memory of an Elephant!

How we played Baffled?

Baffled contains a large playing Board.

28 ‘Life’ cards, 1 Die, 12 covering pieces, 4 playing counters and 12 symbol tiles

Place  the symbols onto the board and then you have 60 seconds to remember in which positions each is placed before covering them up.   Sounds simple!  Not at all.   As you play you move the symbols around the Board and believe me when I say, you get extremely Baffled.

The aim of the game is to be the smartest elephant.  When you make a mistake you loose a life.  My Grandson was so good at this game.   His memory is incredible remembering where pieces had been moved.

Baffled is a fantastic game which has been cleverly designed so that both adults and children have a chance of winning.  My Grandson came out as Top Elephant.   It is a brilliant game for developing vital memory skills and Baffled will improve your concentration too.

Both my Grandson and myself would highly recommend this game.

A copy of this game was given to me  to review and all opinions are 100% my own.

Baffled can buy from Amazon at a cost of £21.99

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17 thoughts on “Baffled with Competition”

  • love to try Baffled as looks like a game all the family would love. One thing we always make time for as we all enjoy is playing games

  • Family time is very important it helps to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationship among the family members.

  • Family time is very important to us, we are a very big family, we spend time together, eating, playing, talking and loving.

  • Family time is vital and playing board games together always makes us happy, Baffled looks great fun, i am sure we would enjoy this,

  • It is just nice to sit around with everyone for some food and hames, family time is too often Tv time. Baffled looks fun, possibly wont knock Monopoly off my fave games topspot but looks interesting!

  • Family time memories are the ones that are strongest from my childhood. I hope when my ids are older they have the same types of memories of us all playing games as a family.

  • Love playing games and it is a tradition in our household at Christmas and birthday times – even though my children are in their 20’s! Have not played either Baffled or What’s in the Box but we love Uno, Dobble, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuits, Scrabble, Articulate……and many more!

  • Family time is very important for making memories and giving time to bond and games are a great way of enjoying time together

  • Very important to have family time and enjoy everyone’s company. My family love playing games and gets quite competitive sometimes and enjoy fun days out too

  • It’s the most important thing. For me, all the other stuff is just biding my time until I can spend important family time together 🙂 xxx

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