A swift end to tears

A swift end to tears

There is nothing worst than a child running and falling over.  The grazes on their knees and hands may not be too bad but their tears and tantrums, due to hurting themselves, are so sad to see.

Superdrug have come up with a new exciting idea – Fix ‘Em Plasters

They come in a super little storage tin and have a R.R.P. of £2.99
Inside the tin is a hygenically packed bag of 24 plasters and the exciting thing is that they are covered in emojis.  This should help to put the smile back on any child’s face after a tumble.
There are 12 of each design and are a perfect solution for minor cuts and scrapes.  Water resisitant and non-wound sticking, these new Fix ‘Em plasters from Superdrug, are guaranteed to stay in place for 24 hours and with 24 plasters in the box can be replaced once a day.
Im sure you would love to try them.   Visit Superdrugs and have a look.
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