24 Days to Christmas – Days 16, 17, 18 and 19

What can I say?  Where is this year flying to.   The days are going away so quick.  Nearly a New Year to start.

So after the last few days being so busy, I am catching up on my Advents Gifts that I have received from my daughter

Hannah has been brilliant with her gift choice this year.    On day 16 I received some card toppers.  Bring an avid Crafters she could not have picked a better present.  I will love using these to make special cards next year.


Day 17 I received a gorgeous Snowman Ornament.   I have a thing about Christmas and snowmen, so this will be a special ornament on my tree.  

Day 18 I was bought some gorgeous Hair clips.  My hair has now grown long enough to pin up and these clips are so ornate.  they will look fab in my hair.

Today I receive a pair of penguin socks.  Another character I love.  David Attenborough’s programmes about penguins have been watched over and over again.  These socks are so cute.



So yet again we are creating memories with Advent presents.  Not long to go now until the big day.  Have fun everyone.

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