24 days to Christmas – Days 13, 14 and 15

The days are rapidly dissolving on our way to Christmas Day and Advent calendars becoming emptier.  I am really enjoying the Advent which am doing with my daughter.

Day 13 was some night time rollers.   These will be fun to use if the last episode of me going to bed in rollers is anything to go by.  The last lot trapped themselves in my hair.  taking 3 hours to get out.

Day 14 was another ornament for my tree.  This is so apt as it is a Gingerbread Man dressed as a chef.  Since I am an avid cook this is so suitable.  Orders are already in for Tiramisu, Steamed Pudding and Queen of Tarts for Christmas Day.

Day 15 was some Lip Balm and Lip Scrub.  This will be fab as the weather is so cold and my lips suffer with the cold wind.

I wonder what I will receive tomorrow?

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