24 days to Christmas – Day 8

Years ago, when I was at Junior school, my Mum decided to put rollers into my hair and send me to bed with them still in.   I have very fine hair, so when I got up the next morning they were tangled in my hair.   2 hours and a lot of tears later, my mum eventually got them all out with a couple having to be cut out.  I eventually got to school a little worst for wear, but glad they were out.

So my gift today was …….

…… some hair rollers.

I will definitely give them a try, as someone who has the straightest hair ever, I would love a bit of curl in it.  I laughed as my daughter said that my grandson, whose 10, did wonder if I would be happy receiving these.   I did actually laugh when I opened them  Will let you all know how I get on.    Thanks Hannah. x x Love you so much and thoroughly enjoying this exchange. 🙂


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