24 days until Christmas – Day 1

Each year for the past few I have created an Advent Calendar for my daughter, with a small gift each day.   This makes her smile and it is a fun thing to do.

I have done the same again this year, and again created ones for my grandsons.  Last year I did a toy one which they did not really enjoy.  Instead they asked me to do a biscuit and chocolate one.  So Nanny has provided the same.  Here they are :-

Inside , one wrapped for each day, are some of their favourites.  So much better than an ordinary chocolate advent.

My daughter also presented me with my advent, which she has spent this year putting together. 🙂

This is mine.

Slightly different as Hannah has not numbered the presents so it is up to me to pick one each day.

Today I opened ……

…… some fab toppers to use for cards and tags.

I love sharing this experience with my family.   Another way to show you love them


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