20 Second Showdown – Big Potato Games

20 Second Showdown – Big Potato Games

Now that we are approaching the ‘C’ word – Christmas, Big Potato Games have come up with one of the funniest games I have ever played.

There is no time to loose playing this game and more player the better. So this would be ideal for a large family gathering such at Christmas Afternoon or Boxing Day. 20 Second showdown would also be fantastic for New years Eve.

The game basically consists of a Timer which lasts…. 20 seconds and makes a slight noise as the grains go through. Also contained are two batons and two packs of task cards.

You split the people available into two teams with one referee. Then each team turns the timer when they are given the task to do.

Some of the tasks available to do

Big Potato Games have found some really funny tasks to do and yes … you have 20 seconds to complete the task. There are varying tasks and this game has you in tears of laughter. Over 400 to do.

For ages 10+ and for 5 – 20 players, 20 second showdown is a real laugh out loud team game, and one you need to buy. Once your team has completed its task you then turn the timer and it is the next team’s turn.

No assembly or batteries are required

Where you can purchase this Big Potato Game

You can purchase this fantastic game at Amazon at a prize of £25.00


I received this product to review and all opinions are 100% my own. #ad

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