A Successful day ….

I am betting that my New Years Resolution last year was to write a blog a day.  Well my year was hectic so I am now promising myself that I am going to do the same.  Starting with today.

I knew from the onset that I had a really busy day planned but just needed all timings to fit in so that I could it all without being late at any point.

After dragging my self out of bed, sorting out husbands breakfast and lunch, and then sitting as a passenger as he drove to work, I moved myself into the drivers seat for the onslaught of the day ahead.   The dreaded Christmas Shop x 2!!

8.00am arrived at Tescos and started my shop.  Did not seem too busy and was nice to tootle around knowing I had time to look at things.   No one was at the till when I got there so checkout went quite quickly as did the money in my bank account LOL   I breathed a sigh of relief once I knew that my shop was done.

Two more things to sort now.

After getting home and putting the shopping away, I then started out on my second appointment of the day ……… the dentist!!!!  After a pleasant natter with the hygienist and a clean bill of health for my teeth I set out on appointment 3 ……  my daughters for her Christmas shop. It was now 1.15pm and the time was dwindling fast.

We went around Asda and completed her shop in a record time.   I was keeping a eye on her total and when it reached £100 I paid the bill and my daughter looked on wondering why.   Her Nan had given me £50 to give to help her with her shopping and I decided to match this.  It bought a tear to both our eyes.  She was extremely thankful and it is nice to help people out. 🙂   She then paid the remaining amount.

We then journeyed back to her house where yet another two appointments were made.   After hurriedly putting away her shopping and thanking the child sitter for looking after the boys, we again set out.   First stop was the Library to return the boys books and then onto B and Q.   Time was ticking away as we had one final appointment to pick up my husband at 4.30pm.

We arrive at B & Q at 3.40pm and knew that we had a short timescale to keep to.   My daughter had a £50 voucher which she had to use to make somewhere  in her home cosy.   She has decided on a curtain rail so that is where we headed.  The section for curtains and home furnishings.   After choosing the curtain rail we were looking at the bargains in the curtains but could not find any that suite her decor in her lounge.   She then decided on a rug but was unsure where it should go.   We wandered around for another 5 minutes when she shouted that she had found some curtains that she loved.   They fitted in the price allowance we had so decided she would have them.   Leaving just £2 to spend she went off an found an ornament.   £50 spent or so we thought until we got to the till and found out that because she had bought both the curtain rail and the curtains there was an additional 20% off so she quickly ran off and get the cushion she has liked in the first place.

We arrived to pick my husband up with 5 minutes to spare so all in all a really successful day.

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