Weekend Bake – My version of a Mocha Choca cake :)

Heat oven to gas mark 4

Into a bowl place 8oz butter and 8 oz sugar.    Beat with a spoon until creamed.   In another bowl weight out 8oz Self Raising flour.   You will need 4 eggs and a little coffee essence as well.  

Into the creamed sugar and butter add the coffee essence and 1 egg.  Also add a couple of spoons of the weighed flour.    beat well  Continue until all 4 eggs are in the mixture then stir in the rest of the flour.

Split between 2 8inch lined sandwich cake tins.   Bake for about 25 minutes.

Leave to cool then put chocolate buttercream in the centre and on top.  Sprinkle liberally with chopped walnuts.

Enjoy x x

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