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I love Cross Stitch and love finding different ways of displaying the same.     Sometimes your mojo disappears and I have found a new way, cant remember where I saw it first, of using your creative skills and imagination in a really quick stitch.  Gets the creative juices flowing again.

They are called ‘Inchy’s.     There are so many designs out there that you can stitch and display in your own way.

Some examples may be a keyring, a card, an ATC, a notebook   many many ways of displaying your small stitch.

If you are stitching on 14ct aida then the design will be 14 stitches by 14 stitches.   If, like I do occassionally, you choose to stitch over one on 28ct then your design can be more intricate and be 28 stitches by 28 stitches.

This is a notebook I created with an inchy displayed on the same.

If you would like to join in an Inchy Exchange we do them every so often on the Cross Stitch Group I run on facebook.  If you are not already a member would love to have you join.    I create an event a month and there are lots of varying exchanges from threads to pendibulles to cards.

Here is the link if you could like to join our group.


Happy stitching everybody.

This was one that was sent to me.  🙂

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