One way of making a Cross Stitch Pincushion

Stitch your design  I stitched mine on evenweave over two.
Choose your backing fabric.  You can use the same fabric as you stitched on ie aida or evenweave


Cut each to a similar size allowing plenty of room for them to be stitched together


Turn each over so the right side is underneath, onto a soft towel.



Iron each piece so all creases are taken out.  Do not use too hot an iron.
Turn the pieces so that the rights sides are both inside on each piece of fabric/sewing


Square up so edges meet


Sew the pieces together ensuring you leave the same space around the design on each side.


I stitched 3 complete sides and left a gap in the middle of the 4th side.


Cut off excess fabric after stitching


This is the piece with three sides stitched together and the 4th witha gap


Turn right side out.


Using either a pencil or a pair of blunt ended scissors push out the corners so that the cushions is square
This leaves just the gap at the bottom


Stuff well pulumping up the middle section and pushing lightly into each corner.


Stitch together the gap at the bottom of the pincushion once you have turned in the edges
Plump up and Voila  a finished pincushion





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