No Sew Cube

A different way to display your Cross Stitch  =  No Sew Cube

 You will require   :  Piece of floristy oasis  (You can buy round if your design is round)    Your stitched piece (any design)   Piece of backing fabric    Some small pins (I used sequin pins)   Some bead headed pins    4 large beads and some ribbon

Lay your stitched piece onto a fluffy towel with the design closest to the towel.  (Upside down)

 Iron gently.

 Repeat with your backing fabric

 Again iron gently

 Check that both pieces are crease free

 Taking your stitched piece, lay on top of the oasis and mark about 5 rows after the design onto the oasis.

 On a board cut your oasis to the chosen size.

 Start to pin your design in place.
Do the top and the bottom first   You may need several pins.

Fold and pin the sides.   Do not worry if it looks untidy.

Repeat with the backing fabric.

Again do not worry if the edges look messy

Take the ribbon and starting at the bottom pin just at the bottom

Pull the ribbon tightly as you go around and then you will not need any more pins than the ones at the bottom.

In securely.

Turn right way up .

Create a bow on the top

Take the 4 bead headed pins and the large beads.

Thread the beads onto the large pins

Place one at each corner of the base of your No Sew Cube.  These form the feet.

Turn over and Voila   –  Your No Sew Cube.

Hope you enjoy making yours.

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