Nanny Angie Makes – Upcycling

Nanny Angie Makes – Upcycling
Using your creative skills – Upcycling 
My daughter was having a tidy up in her dining room and I popped round.  She kindly asked me if I had any use for the drawers she had been using.  She knew full well that since the day she had got these drawers I had loved them.  So I instantly said Yes please.  Then began Upcycling them
Here they are before.

There were a few drawers that had some stickers on and one with writing so I wanted something special for in my craft room. Extremely drab and uninspiring.
So being crafty I decided to decopatch them.
I sat and chose several different papers to use and picked the first drawer.  Once I had ripped the paper into small squares and started to stick onto the drawers I was hooked.
These are my first few drawers
I did not pick any one theme as the drawers can be moved around as I wish.
I chose a variety of colours and styles of papers so they will always fit into any room they are moved to.
 This is the finished project.  It took me about 5 hours.  I have just ordered some neat jam jar stickers with gold edging so I can label each drawer. Amazing what upcycling can do to old furniture.
Pretty cool for a craft room.  They now store my scissors, speciality threads,  ribbons, bows, beads, some embellishments for cards,  and lots of different items relating to my cross stitch hobby and crafting.
Hopefully this may inspire others to try Decopatch or even Upcycling.   Give it a go. Its really theraputic and relaxing to do.

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