Cross Stitching – More than a Hobby

Cross Stitching – More than a Hobby

As a person who has been cross stitching for a number of years, you like me may remember sitting at school with your 8 or 11ct binca and stitching your first design. Mine is somewhere in the attic, but I still remember my love of this craft even then.

I have progressed somewhat since my Binca days and love this craft both as a hobby but also as a means of dealing with stress and anxiety. Over the years there have been several incidents in my life where I have needed something to take my mind of what is happening around me.

Hand bag mirror using a mill hill kit as design stitched on evenweave rather than the perforated paper

There is nothing better than, after a hard day, sitting with a hot cup of coffee, in your favourite chair with your stitching in hand. Your concentration moves away from the hassles of the day to the chart, design, fabric and threads you have in front of you.

Needlecase I made as an exchange piece.

A number of years ago, a good friend had created a cross stitch group on Facebook. Cross Stitch Friends in the UK. She decided she could no longer run the group so I suggested I took over. There were about 1500 members at the time. This week we have passed the 10,000 member mark.

My version of a pincushion

Cross Stitch Friends in the UK is more than a stitching group. It has become a sort of lounge where people can sit virtually and chat about their stitching, about life in general, seek advice about stitching issues, make friends and have fun. I do daily posts so each day is different with things to do, so people’s interest is kept.

This was a Round Robin I took part in.

Each month there are exchanges where people are partnered and each stitch an item to send to one another. These are always well attended. I also do two special exchanges One at Easter – 4 day Exchange and one at Christmas – The Advent Exchange. The latter had 300 people take part last year with boxes sent to each from their partners containing 24 small gifts – one for each day of Advent.

My own design Pendibulle

To join Cross Stitch Friends in the UK use the following link

Competition – What is this called?

If you are just starting out or are well versed with cross stitching, it is something that actually can be more than a hobby. For some it can be the solution to helping their mental health, so others it is a source of social chat, and be an important part of their life.


Now that we have passed 10,000 members I though would be fun to do this competition. So for your chance to win a £10 voucher to a stitching shop of your choice can you answer the following?

What is the name of the 8 sided pincushion shown in the photo above?

Please leave your name and answer in the comments below so I can contact you on Cross Stitch friends in the UK. Good Luck everyone

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