Angie’s A – Z of Crafts The letter B

Continuing on with my version of a Craft A – Z we now have the letter B.


Stitching or a stitch in which the thread is doubled back on the preceding stitch.  This very often is used in cross stitch to define the stitched design.  It brings things to life and adds true definition.  Can be a paid to do but worth it in the end


An abbreviation used in mainly Cross Stitch which means Big Arsed Project.  Usually a design that will take you a long time to complete or has taken you a long time to complete.


This is the art or process of making baskets.


These are small usually round objects made of glass, wood, stone or or the like with a hole through it.  They can be used in Jewellery, on neckalaces, in cross stitch as an embellishment.  They have a lot of uses in crafts.


This is the art of using beads within the project you are making.  I love using beads on my cross stitch and also whilst making jewellery


This is a way of displaying your work.  Usually has a hanger at the top and a tassel at the bottom.  I have made hangers out of dowling and two small door handles. You can get a unique finish this way.


Binca is a large holed aida and usually used by beginners when starting Cross Stitch.


The covering within which the leaves of a book are bound and also a strip of material which can be shown around a piece of fabric


This is an old fashioned pin cushion which has eight sides.


embroidery done with black thread usually silk, thread on white fabric,especially linen.  Uses a lot of running and backstitch.


This is when you take two things and mix them together .

For example one strand of coloured cotten and a strand of a different colour.


The art of folding pages in a book to make a design.


Something that you put into a book to hold your page.  This is an ideal way to stitch and display your work.


Used to finish off work as an embellishment or can be used to wrap a present. A pretty way of tying items up.


This is a way of waeving things together such as a plait.   Ideal way of hanging an item or using as edging.


Something you use to put on glue or paint.


Again can be used as embeliishments to finish off a project.  Can be used with knitting as a way of closing two sides together.



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