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I have been given the opportunity to review one of the new Ravensburger jigsaws.  I waited excitedly and this arrived.


It is called Vintage Travel Brochures.   It was sealed in a cellophane wrapping and sturdy box.  It is a premium puzzle and made by a company who has over 100 years of tradition.
On opening the box
…. inside were the pieces all neatly packaged again.  and also
Two leaflets. One about   the artist.  The other about the jigsaw.
I dont know how you like to do a jigsaw but I always start with tipping all the pieces onto a table.
I then sort into the edge pieces, the four corners and the filling pieces.  Then I make the outside.  The pieces have a soft-click which is the technology that has been developed. This gives the jigsaw a smooth finish.
Time to start ………
Initially I thought this jigsaw was unachievable due to the amount of colours but you soon realise that there are certain bits in each piece that stand out.
I enjoyed doing this jigsaw and also learning about the different brochures as I was making it.
The colours came into their own and pieces stood out.
Here is the finished piece.
This shows the detail in the jigsaw.
The designer of the artwork on this jigsaw is Aimee Stewart.  She is an american who is a self taught artist.  Aimee specialises in digital painting and photo manipulation.  She has an eclectic style which is inspired by music and literature.
The jigsaw is from the Ravensburger brand.  This product was developed by the Oxfordshire based development and marketing team.  The team work with a talented team of artists, photographers, graphic designers and print specialists, to create these jigsaws.  They are sold all over the world .
I thoroughly enjoyed making this jigsaw and hope this review will inspire some of you to go and get a Ravensburger Jigsaw.   You will not be disappointed . The link below takes you to their site.

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