The Great Oreo Cookie Quest

What has the weather been like recently? Here is the UK we have had really bad snow, awful winds and storms.   It is not very often that we get a lot of snow in our local area so when our Grandsons had a day off school due to a Snow Day, we all decided to have some fun.      I had been sent some Oreo Cookies to use during a family day so thought I would find different ways to use during our fun in the Snow.  So we all decided to take part in our very own cookie quest and it is important to spend time as a family.

The day started off with building snowmen in the back garden.    Both boys were out wrapped up warm and built their own snowman.    I  did think about putting Oreo biscuits as eyes but knew they would be eaten before they even got there.  They did use carrot pieces as the nose and small pebbles for the eyes and mouth.   Each of the boys had an Oreo has a prize for creating their snowman.  Sadly they had eaten them before I could take a photo.

The Great Snowman Build-off


After making their snowmen, Granddad came into the garden and a snowball fight ensued.   A lot of merriment, laughter and memories were made during this time.  Granddad did find out that two against one does not always work. They boys had the advantage.

The Battle of the Snowballs

By now everyone was feeling a little cold.  So what better way to warm up than with a Hot Chocolate and some Oreo Cookies, the fun and tasty treat for the whole family.   An ideal occasion to eat the same.


With the family all warm and dry again, it was off on the next step on our Snow Day adventure.   Sledging at the local park.   There is a fantastic hill which is ideal for using a sledge.    Granddad drove.   The roads were extremely slippy but the 4×4 meant we could get there.

The hill was packed with lots of families having fun.   The boys took turns in going down the hill.  Granddad and their mum joined in.   A great deal of fun and laughter was had by all.  I am sure you agree, these photos show how much enjoyment was had.

Superb Snow for Speedy Sledging

After lots of fun and laughter, we returned home and walked into the house to the smell of a gorgeous stew that had been cooking all day.  We sat as a family and ate the meal and then finished the day off with surprise Oreo trifles.  These were extremely yum.

So with Oreo’s help, we have had a brilliant, snow fun filled day.  We had Oreo prizes, Oreo cookies with warming hot chocolate and as a treat in our desserts.   But most importantly we spent the day as a family, creating memories that can be carried forward to the future.

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I was sent two packets of Original Oreo Cookies to use whilst doing this post.


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