Summer Fruit and Fresh Cream Sponge

Summer Fruit and Fresh Cream Sponge
You will need to heat your oven to Gas Mark 4
Line two 9 inch cake tins.  Deep ones.
For the Sponge
10oz  Butter or Margarine
10oz Caster Sugar
10oz Self raising flour
5 Eggs
Vanilla Essence
For the filling and also topping
Fresh Cream
Jar of Opies Summer Fruits Compote
Into a large bowl put the butter and sugar along with the vanilla essence and cream together well
Add one egg and a little of the flour.  Beat thoroughly.  Repeat with the other four eggs and a little flour each time.
Stir in the remaining flour.
Split between the two tins and bake for about 30 minutes.   Check after 25 minutes.    When the sponge springs back then they are cooked.     Leave to cool for a while   Take out of tins then cool thoroughly.
Once completely cool you can fill.
In a bowl put your fresh cream and with a whisk, beat until really thick.    Spoon half of the cream onto the bottom section of your cake.
Spoon on a liberal amount of the Summer Berries Compote, not putting too close to the edge, mainly in the middle as will flow out once the top is put on.
Put on the top of the cake and with remaining fresh cream, pipe around the edge of the cake.  Fill the middle with the left Summer Fruits Compote.
Place in the fridge and leave for an hour or so to chill.
Serve with your favourite tea or coffee.  This can also be served as a delicious dinner party pudding.


This is the amazing compote I used.

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